About the artist Morgan Becker

Morgan Leigh Becker is a native Bay Area artist who studies fine arts at California College of the Arts. Her work spreads around diffrent genras; painting, photography and craft work. These are a explores her personal experiences of flora/fauna, portraiture and the abstract work with her communties, travels and education.

Her current is created her home studio in Glen Park San Francisco and her studio at the painting department at CCA. Her last series used friends from her Burning Man Community, Flirt Camp. “Flirt Camp, Alter Ego’s” is a series of six 6x6 feet gessoed canvas. The large scale pieces are a smaller then life size portraits. The model would pose and the artist would draw their figures on the canvas and play with abstract back grounds and further develop the bodies with acrylic and water salable material.

 During the summer 2018 Burn, the first series of portraits were displayed in my camp. The figures at identified as their "alter ego" with a name which was given to them by another attendee at the art festival. Flirt Camp had a great set up in the dining/ kitchen area. While the paintings were up they were covered in thin alkaline dust. They have since been cleaned up—but the Playa Provides.

 I'm hopeful the next series with flourish for my final semester at California College of the Arts. I look forward to continue the figure and create a more narrative collection.   

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Morgan Leigh Becker

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cell: 707.703.3205